About books and e-books

After writing my last post (Reading as a Sleep aid), I got a bit sentimental about this topic.

I've looked back, and thought about all the physical books I have read and then, about all the e-books I have read. There is no point where I would not hesitate to go back to physical books. I love how they feel. I love how you get used to them while reading. Not only that, but I also love how you get used to the quirks of the book because you want to read the story and get socked into it.

And then, you have e-books. They are pragmatic. They have a backlight. They are small and light. You can travel with hundreds of books without needing more backpacks or having a heavier one. You can adjust the font, the font-size, light-height ... everything, but still, they are just soulless objects.

I'm torn apart between physical books and e-books. While I love books, e-books are a more pragmatic choice. Especially when you have kids. Most of the time I read my books in bed. In summer, also sometimes on the terrace during a work break. If physical books had a backlight, I wouldn't miss the times when I had no e-book reader. 😁

6/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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