The Good The Bad The Ugly #2 – Week 8

This is my tenth post for #100DaysToOffload. I have written not as many posts as I planned, but I got a small steady stream of posts. The important part is, that it is not feeling like work. I need to force myself a bit to start writing, but when I'm in, it makes a lot of fun. 😍

The Good

We made some progress on our house, or more in the backyard. By getting some help with a tiny excavator to cut and get rid of the roots from our hedge. Now the backyard looks cleaner and is prepared for the coming fence. 🏡

Last week there was some positive news from the Kita. They are now, after some long discussions, willing to take our blind child. Unfortunately, not until August, so we have to wait 5 more months.

On Saturday was my birthday and I got one year older. I'm now 36. When I look back, the last year was very exciting, both positively and negatively. Let's see how this year will be. 🥳

Yesterday is published my first development related post. My domain now, fits more with my content.

The Bad

In the past 2 weeks, I've got the idea of moving my desk to another place in my office. I've created a small plan and then moved the desk. It turned out that is not a suitable solution. The path to my desk got unnecessary complicated and tight. The acoustic got worse and also the lighting. After a day, I moved all back to its old place. Besides one shelf, this one I changed to get more space. Currently, my office is also by 50% a storeroom as long as our basement is not ready, and I need to live with that for now.

The Ugly

There was nothing so bad in the past week, that I have to mention it in the ugly section. Which is a good sign for me. 👍

10/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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