The Good The Bad The Ugly #3 – Week 9-10

Since I didn't find the time to complete the post for Week 9, it will be covering the last 2 weeks.

The Good

First things first, I was on Hackernews. 😲 Thanks to “jethronethro” for posting. This was quite unexpected and makes me happy.

Here is a Screenshot. Screenshot of blog statistics with the peak from hackernews.

I got a new Project. 🥳 The current project fades out in March, and I'm happy that I can continue with my work for another client in mid-March.

Finally, I saw Wormrot while they Played with Napalm Death:

The Bad

This should be written in “The Good” Part, but somehow, I'm not feeling it, putting it there. On March 10, we saw Dune Part 2, and I'm not as happy I thought I would be, after watching the Movie. Maybe I write a Post about it later.

The Ugly

Nothing. The last 2 Weeks were good, and I'm happy. 😊

14/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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