Why I want to write?

Writing this post was harder than I thought. 😊

To structure my thoughts

My thoughts are just a constant stream of something chaotic. I struggle with getting a clear path in my head. So I need to write it down, why not in public? For some years, I'm doing it in my notion app but in private. Hopefully, a post can help to make it right and good.

To internalize what I have learned

Writing about a topic will help me to let things go through my head again. With it, I'm able to think more about a topic in detail and extend what I've learned.

To have a reference things I've learned

A place where I can come back to and realize that this was not the first time I did something dump, so I have written it down in advance.

To exercise writing itself

Gaining experience is never bad. So writing will get me some good, I hope. Like with coding, you get better, when you do it. Not just copy and paste from StackOverflow. Just writing actual code could help.

To be better with words and explanations

I'm not the best speaker or someone who can explain things good. I require time and reiterations. With writing a post, I can iterate over again and again until a post looks good.

30/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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