You know Computer, what should I buy?

The idea of writing this post is inspired from the post of Geoff Graham: “Hey, will you build me a website?”.

Every once in a while, I get a request from friends. They want to buy, for example, a new computer or tablet.

I give them my standard questions:

If this is a normal request, I'm fine with it. But the friends came to me, and they actually already made up their mind. Some odd requirements with a minimal budget. My problem here is, if you already decided what you want to buy, don't ask me. Because I have to take the time and research on this topic. But if you need to verify that your decision is ok, then tell me and I can focus on that.

Because I work every day on a computer doesn't mean I have the knowledge or the experience of what the best hardware for your budget is. Every 4–5 years, I'll buy a new notebook and mobile phone (I don't have a tablet because I have no use case for it). And usually, I try to get the best of what is currently on the market. In the past years, it was a maximized ThinkPad with a higher budget because I use it more than 10hrs each day and need it for my freelance and private work. On the current iteration, I bought a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Because don't care anymore about hardware specs. I just want something good that works in my environment.

So I don't have to waste time on hardware spec research anymore. I didn't care in the past, and I don't care now. I don't know which Intel or AMD is the best. Or if you require more memory. For example, more than 10 years ago, I heard, with a Windows Installation, you need as much memory as you can get. So I assume, when you buy a budget notebook with 8 GB memory and windows is installed on it, I would assume that I wouldn't have fun with it, while working. Some are also used to the pain, working with slow machines. That's something I can't tolerate. It needs to be snappy and direct. 🏎️

I don't like to give recommendations. I'm used to different stuff than you, and I have a bad feeling when you buy something I recommended, and you are not happy with it. When you have a tight budget, I would rather not be the person responsible for this.

Sounds more like a rant at the moment. 😅 That was not planned, but it is fine for me. I don't plan my posts, if I have a Topic I want to write about, I just write down everything that is in my head. That's also a reason why the #100DaysToOffload is so appealing to me.

11/100 of #100DaysToOffload