Botch – Euro + UK Tour 2024, Berlin BiNuu

Image with Tour dates of the Euro + UK Tour 2024

On Tuesday, 12 March, the evening started with Great Falls ( After the first songs, I realized that it is not my kind of music. They had a lot of presence on stage, especially the bassist. So it made fun to watch them. And with every song, they grew on me and I liked their songs more and more. But then, they played their last song and sadly, it was a +14 min song with many melodic parts, which is not bad but was not the right song to end their show.

After a break, Botch ( started to play. And it was a delight. You felt the energy in the hole location. Everyone was happy to see them, and Botch seemed thrilled to play the show. The location was sold out, and we were a bit sad that they moved from Festsaal Kreuzberg to BiNuu, which was a significant smaller location. The BiNuu had a good sound for the size of this location, and the location was full. So it was good at the end. We had a lot of fun watching the guys play, and they played a really long show. There were tears and many laughs between the songs. Botch announced that this will be the last show they will ever play in Berlin. So it was more of a farewell show and tour. It was nice to witness all of this.

Watching the show of Botch from the back, where the Singer stands surrounded with yellow light.

I hope Botch will some day play again in Germany, even if they currently say otherwise.

16/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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