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Going to this concert was spontaneous. A friend said he was going and I had time. I was keen on seeing Escuela Grind. So I ordered a ticket some days before the concert. And the last one was ~5 weeks ago, so it was about time. 😅

Death Crusade, a Band from Poland. We watched them from the back. I liked the instrumental parts, but the vocals were too uninflected. For the last song, the Rotten Sound Singer came on the stage and sang some parts. Which had a nice touch to it.

Escuela Grind, they played like nothing else. It was a great concert and I had a lot of fun watching them. They are playing their ass off and you see and feel it. Despite some bad news I've read, they did an excellent concert and ended too soon. The last song they played was “one more song” after the audience screamed for more, and it had clean vocals in it. I don't know how to feel about it. Sounded strange. But ok. To each their own. It seemed all had fun, and this is the most important thing.

Escuela Grind live on stage in purple light.

Rotten Sound, quite an institution. I had a lot of fun watching these veterans. Sadly, for my taste, they played a bit too long. Maybe it was the heat in the club. It was really hot in there, and you got sweaty just from standing. But you saw that they had fun playing, which I liked. 😊

Rotten Sound live on stage in blue light.

According to my calendar, the next concert will be Asinhell on 18.09. in Berlin. 🤘

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Cattle Decapitation Tour Poster from Lido Berlin

🤘 Today, I make this a quick one. On March 25, we went to see Cattle Decapitation. Before they started playing, there were 3 Bands playing before, Vomit Forth, 200 Stab Wounds and Signs of the Swarm.

Vomit Forth was a kind of refreshing. From the 3 Bands, the one I liked most. Only the singer was shouting too much to get the crowd dancing. 😅

200 Stab Wounds, I don't know what to say about them. They got a lot of hype lately, but I can't understand why. Sounded to my like young Ektomorf. What is not bad, but I'm enjoyed the original more.

Signs of the Swarm, like Lorna Shore? The sound was awful. Too much from everything. Also, they had some kind of choreography. Which is not bad, but if you see or feel it, then I think it is not well done.

Cattle Decapitation, finally they started playing. And it was worth the wait! All of them did an impressive job, and Travis is such a beast on the microphone. They played for ~1 hour, and they could have played some hours more with me not getting tired of seeing and hearing them. Sadly, they didn't play an encore. But I hope I can see them again. 🫡

One funny thing that evening was a guy who filmed others, while they filmed the band. Every time someone started filming in front of him, he started to and zoomed in. Interesting Kink, I guess? 😂

Cattle Decapitation on Stage in front of a crowd

The next planned concert will be Asinhell on June 18. So no concert post from me for some time. 🙃

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Pommesgabel Tour 2024 which shows the band Heavysaurus on a yellow background and the tour dates.

Two shows on March 16. Quite an undertaking. 😅

Heavysaurus was the first show of the day, with my oldest son. We had VIP tickets for a meet and greet with the dinos. Before the show, there was the meet and greet. There was a demarcated area, where the dinos will show up. We stood in a line and each kid could take some time with them. We took photos and my son asked some questions. Later, the dinos swarmed out and everyone could talk to the individual dinos and take photos, which we also did.

One hour later, the show started. They played many new songs and ended with some good old ones. 🤘 I'm not a real fan of the new songs, and I see that my son isn't either. In the end, we've had a lot of fun and enjoyed the show. I liked the idea that the demarcated area was also the pit for the kids, where they could dance, jump and celebrate the dinos from there.

Heavysaurus on stage in red light.

After the Heavysaurus show, I was in a rush. I had ~3 hours to reach the next show. With the car, I drove ~1 hour to drop my son at home and then took the train to the next location. It worked exact as planned. Which is not a usual thing. 🤣 One week before the Meshuggah show started, they announced that they will start 1 hour earlier because they wanted to close on time at 11 pm.

Tour dates on a black background and a burning skeleton.

I arrived with the last songs of The Halo Effect. I missed Mantar completely. The venue was full. Really full. It was challenging to find my friend there. But found him. What I heard from The Halo Effect was nice, and I was sad that I missed three-fourths of their set. But I'm sure I will see them sometime again. In the end, nothing more to say. They did a fantastic job and the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

The Halo Effect on stage in green lights.

After the change, Meshuggah started playing. From our original position, we moved away because there were too many drunken people, which was annoying. After a second move, we were standing in the last row, which was good enough. Never saw a location so crowded. But we were there for Meshuggah. From start to end, it was just a MASSIVE bulldozer that rolled over you, which left my speechless. Sadly, the lighting was a bit distracting, which is the reason I don't have any images. I assume that the lights were wanted so that you can't take images or videos of the show. The result was that you had a hard time, watching them. :( This has pro and cons. Overall, I still liked the show and was pleased to be there.

📋 Meshuggah Setlist

It was a stressful but nice day. We had a lot of fun. :)

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Image with Tour dates of the Euro + UK Tour 2024

On Tuesday, 12 March, the evening started with Great Falls ( After the first songs, I realized that it is not my kind of music. They had a lot of presence on stage, especially the bassist. So it made fun to watch them. And with every song, they grew on me and I liked their songs more and more. But then, they played their last song and sadly, it was a +14 min song with many melodic parts, which is not bad but was not the right song to end their show.

After a break, Botch ( started to play. And it was a delight. You felt the energy in the hole location. Everyone was happy to see them, and Botch seemed thrilled to play the show. The location was sold out, and we were a bit sad that they moved from Festsaal Kreuzberg to BiNuu, which was a significant smaller location. The BiNuu had a good sound for the size of this location, and the location was full. So it was good at the end. We had a lot of fun watching the guys play, and they played a really long show. There were tears and many laughs between the songs. Botch announced that this will be the last show they will ever play in Berlin. So it was more of a farewell show and tour. It was nice to witness all of this.

Watching the show of Botch from the back, where the Singer stands surrounded with yellow light.

I hope Botch will some day play again in Germany, even if they currently say otherwise.

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CAMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION TOUR 2024 Poster with dates and locations

On Friday, 1 March, we went to see Wormrot and Napalm Death on the Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour in Magdeburg.

The location is a nice place. It has a good size, not too big, not too small. You had the option to go outside and get some fresh air, if you made a through the smoking people.

The evening started earlier than planned. It should have started at 8' but Wormrot started 25 min earlier. Which was sad for the band because the location was nearly empty and got filled increasingly after each song.

Wormrot was such a pleasure to watch, while they performed their songs. Sadly, after the release of their latest record, the singer disbanded from the band and they needed a replacement. Luckily, they found an excellent one with Gabriel Dubko. They did a solid show. What I really liked, was watching the play of the drummer. Such a delight. ❤️

Primitive Man, I can't say much about them. Didn't know them before. It is definitely not my type of music, and I try to be as open as possible to all kinds of music. But they didn't fit into the rest. Felt odd. Back home, I've tried a Song and it was not bad. Something you can hear, while working.

Master, didn't know them before. As I could see it, they were well received by the audience. For me, it was too monotonous. After 3 songs, it felt I heard enough.

Napalm Death, last time I saw them was back in 2013 at the With Full Force festival. It is nice to see that they still have such an energy on the stage. Sadly, Shane Embury, the bassist, was not with them. But still, it was a fantastic show and I enjoyed every minute. And it is still fascinating watching Barney while he performs. 😊

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Image of For I am King -

Last week on 19.01. we were on the record release show from Tenside. A metal band from Bavaria. But I was especially there to see the band For I am King.

The show was packed with 3 bands:

  • Oklahoma Kid from Rostock
  • For I am King from Netherlands
  • Tenside from Bavaria

It started with Oklahoma Kid. The first song sounded good, but then song after song they went softer and softer. The singer did a good job and was the highlight of the band. Overall, it was nothing for me.

Next, For I am King started. Alma wore a Dragon Ball Z 🐉 shirt. This caught me off guard and I liked it. Sadly, the sound in the location was terrible. For Oklahoma Kid it was ok because it was not a giant wall of sound. So, if you were not familiar with the songs, you had a hard time understanding and maybe having fun with the gig. For me, it was ok, but for my friend I brought with, he had a hard time enjoying it. I hope I can see FIaK again but then in a different location. In the end, for me, I enjoyed it, had fun watching and listening to this outstanding band. :)

At last, Tenside played. Usually, I'm not an early quitter, but we left after 2 songs because the sound was as terrible as with For I am King. I've listened to 1 record from Tenside in the past, and I've recognized one of the 2 songs, and it was good. But still, not my favorite kind of music anymore.

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