Cattle Decapitation at Lido Berlin

Cattle Decapitation Tour Poster from Lido Berlin

Today, I make this a quick one. On March 25, we went to see Cattle Decapitation. Before they started playing, there were 3 Bands playing before, Vomit Forth, 200 Stab Wounds and Signs of the Swarm.

Vomit Forth was a kind of refreshing. From the 3 Bands, the one I liked most. Only the singer was shouting too much to get the crowd dancing.

200 Stab Wounds, I don't know what to say about them. They got a lot of hype lately, but I can't understand why. Sounded to my like young Ektomorf. What is not bad, but I'm enjoyed the original more.

Signs of the Swarm, like Lorna Shore? The sound was awful. Too much from everything. Also, they had some kind of choreography. Which is not bad, but if you see or feel it, then I think it is not well done.

Cattle Decapitation, finally they started playing. And it was worth the wait! All of them did an impressive job, and Travis is such a beast on the microphone. They played for ~1 hour, and they could have played some hours more with me not getting tired of seeing and hearing them. Sadly, they didn't play an encore. But I hope I can see them again. 哄

One funny thing that evening was a guy who filmed others, while they filmed the band. Every time someone started filming in front of him, he started to and zoomed in. Interesting Kink, I guess?

Cattle Decapitation on Stage in front of a crowd

The next planned concert will be Asinhell on June 18. So no concert post from me for some time.

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