For years, we were used to falling asleep with the TV on. For years, I had problems after I went sleeping and started dreaming. Because stuff that I heard from the TV, I build into my dreams. My wife had no issue with it because she was used two it. I had a Problem with it because as I single, I turned off the TV after I got sleepy. So my sleep/dreams were influenced by it. Not that I had issues with waking up or feeling bad/tired during the day. I just don’t like that my dreams were influenced by it.

So I decided reading books while falling asleep could be a good idea. During my software developer apprenticeship, I was a good reader. I've had a lot of time reading while donating blood or blood plasma, or just in my spare time. The only place I was not reading, was the bedroom. I missed that time. After my training was over, I've started with gaming, played in a Band and did more social stuff because we moved to Berlin. It was easier than in the town we lived before. I also wish I were bored again sometimes because I also read a lot when I was bored. 😅

But, back to the topic. Reading as a sleep aid. The time I’ve decided to start reading to fall asleep, my wife didn’t like the idea because we had the TV in our bedroom, and she wanted to watch while falling asleep. We had this compromise that she turns off the TV when she thinks she is tired and can fall asleep, and I tried to dim the lights as much as possible.

The funny part, my wife has this wonderful ability to adapt effortless and fast. So not so long after, maybe 2–3 Books after I've started, she also decided to read to fall asleep. ~4 years later, we moved again and finally banned the TV from the bedroom because it was not used for years. We both upgraded to an e-book reader, so we do not necessarily need lights to read and don't bother the other one when we want to read longer. ~14 years after I've started this sleep aid, we have two kids who are sleeping next to us, and we can read without interrupting their sleep. 🥳

When I started this post, I just wanted to write about the sleep aid topic. I had nothing particularly in mind or a goal I wanted to archive. But I'm happy how it turned out.

5/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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