Over the years, I got used to a specific stack. As a Web Developer, the main use case is creating websites and -apps. In this field, you have plenty of tools to choose from. Which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. 😅

As a base, I use Next.js. Here I enable Typescript + ESLint and Tailwind CSS. Typescript and ESLint are a no-brainer for me. Sadly, Prettier is not in the box. So I install it afterward. On, Next.js can be easily deployed and you have a good free tier. So you can develop and share a URL with your client, for example.

The next bigger thing is Tailwind CSS. For years, I was using Styled-Components, but was unhappy with it. Then I started my first project with Tailwind CSS and styling made fun again. To let play nicely with React.js, I'll use tailwind-merge. From their description: Merge Tailwind CSS classes without style conflicts.

To build nice components, there are Radix-UI Primitives. These pair really nice with Tailwind CSS. The biggest win on the Radix-UI Primitives is the react-form, which saves an extra installation of a separate React.js form library.

Every App or Site needs Icons. Here I found Heroicons, from the Tailwind CSS creators. The collection is big enough to get the most out of it. For comparison, the Radix-UI Icons have a nicer look, but they are very basic, and I often didn't find what I was searching for.

So, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Radix-UI Primitives and the Heroicons cover the Frontend. Time for the Backend. 🥳

For the Backend, I simply use Supabase. Which covers all my needs. A Database, Authentication, and Storage. That's it. Nothing more to say. Supabase has also a good free tier and can be self-hosted if needed. 👌

As mentioned before, I use Web-Analytics from Germany. I like that it is privacy-friendly and that there is no need for cookies. The Standard tier with €6/Months is the only thing in my current Stack2go which is paid.

And that's it. Have fun with it. 😊

31/100 of #100DaysToOffload

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